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УДК 339

УДК 339.138:339.5

Zhuravlyova М.В., Ukrainian State Marytimc University

Role of Marketing Researches with International Markets

Розглянуто вплив міжнародних маркетингових досліджень на господарську діяльність підприємств. Приведено схему проведення вивчення зовнішніх ринків. Розглянуто закордонний досвід проведення маркетингових досліджень. Вивчено чинники, що впливають на привабливість ринку.

Influence of international marketing researches on economic activities of firms is reviewed. The scheme of realization of external markets analysis is given. The foreign experience of realization of marketing researches is reviewed. The factors of market attractiveness are studied.The economical, political and social transformations, which have taken place in Ukraine over last decade, radically changcd a system of economic activities in the country. Many new entrepreneurs and commercial structures have appeared, and existing earlier ones, mainly large firms, have undergone considerable reorganization. Ongoing socialist methods of administration, new know-how and management techniques peculiar to the market economy have been introduced. The process of management reformation, unfortunately, not always passes smoothly. Executives have to introduce changes in complicated conditions, since today's business in Ukraine should operate in a rather rigid competitive environment.

The potential of Ukrainian producers will allow them to not only expand domestically, but also in foreign markets. International marketing, which represents a function of enlrepreneurship, is oriented on the detection of potential customers. If done properly, this can lead to a supply of potential customers outside the country with large demands for goods and services. Therefore, this is the essential element during foreign market strategy development for entrance and further existence in the external economical arena. This report will further illustrate that with current Ukrainian economic practices, many firms, including those who already work with the foreign associates, the international marketing strategy is used only in small scale or is not applied at all.

The realization of economic opportunities requires constant information gathering, as this is the basis for decision-making. The role of information is greater than the stronger uncertainty of the business, in the branches of an economy in which uncertainty of activity is relatively high, the reduction of uncertainty takes on a special significance. A business field with a high level of uncertainty, first of all, is international trade. The heightened degree of uncertainty and risk in international trade arises basically from the fact of the existence of independent commercial associates. A foreign associate has the freedom to choose ways of development, which can be foreseen, but, unfortunately, cannot be planned and controlled. The uncertainty of activity means a capability of acceptance non-optimum or even an insecure solution. For this reason, the increase of commercial data volume reduces risk, connected with decision-making. This is because the more gathering of information, the less uncertainty of activity.

The need of international business for the market information shapes both through internal factors, which have a source in the realized social and the economic developmental strategy of country, where the commercial cooperation with foreign countries is one of the main links, and external ones, that nascent through considerable convertibility and uncertainty of phenomena in modern economics and world trade.

The new system of financial and economic relations inserted within the framework of economic reform has submitted the firms' broad capabilities of independent activity, thus augmenting their degree of responsibility for making decisions. Independently realizing problems in the world market, business leaders should know the factors of the market in which they are working in. Administrative and legal standards, trade laws with different countries, requirements concerning the goods and services, the actual and forecast state of market opportunities of separate commodities and purchases, and factors of price formation are some of the aspects that must be taken into account.

Company management should also determine a number of solutions concerning, among other things, selection of outlet and purchase markets, priority of entrance to these markets, policy of entrance and ways of further expanding activity. Therefore, business information is needed, which will be used during formulation of promotion tactics in the foreign markets, and has advanced nature before acceptance of its commercial solutions.

An export oriented producer should adapt the goods for demand in the foreign markets, orient in a competitive strategy of the product, and keep informed about the receptivity of customers to the early released products. Besides scientific and technological progress, calls for changes in engineering and know-how of goods manufacturing, and constant creation of investment resources arc needed. For this reason the producer, which wants to maintain the pacc of competition, should keep up such phenomena and fulfill their analysis to fit production to the situation.

The international marketing research delivers information concerned with the implementation of economic operations on a global scale. This allows avoiding expensive errors arising by applying incorrect market policy and missing market opportunities. The international

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